The best Men’s Netball Shoe

Netball Shoes
is netball a male or female sport?

So you have decided to give Mens netball a red hot crack. But need to find the best men’s netball shoe for you to put your best foot forward. See what we did there? Soz. Any way, you are going to love the game and we have put together a list of the best men’s netball shoes for you to keep your tootsies in fine form.
Whether you are playing indoor netball, outdoor netball, concrete, asphalt, timber or grass (don’t laugh, that’s where we started as cute little 6 year olds) we have found the shoe for you. From dodging to defending your feet, ankles and recovery will thank you for purchasing good quality netball shoes.

1. Men’s Netburner Ballistic FF MT 3 – The Best Netball Show for Men

the best mens netball shoe - asics netburner for men

Prepare for competition like never before with the Asics Netburner Ballistic FF 3. This latest edition boasts a 15mm heel to toe drop, ensuring seamless and swift transitions into your next play. Equipped with FLYTEFOAM™ Propel technology, it offers top-tier impact protection and responsiveness, enabling you to perform at your peak.

Experience enhanced stability during rapid side-to-side movements, courtesy of the innovative 3D SPACE CONSTRUCTION™. Plus, with TWISTRUSS™ technology, enjoy heightened speed and agility during quick and cutting motions. Gear up with the Asics Netburner Ballistic FF 3, and elevate your game to new heights.

The NETBURNER BALLISTIC™ FF MT 3 is an all rounder netball shoe providing responsive cushioning and faster acceleration to bring control and precision to your game. A higher heel drop reduces stress on the lower limb. The MT version has a mid-top cut at the ankle.

ASICS are recommended by the Australian Physiotherapy Association and Sports Medicine Australia. ASICS are also the official footwear partner of Netball Australia, Australian Netball Diamonds and SunCorp Super Netball.

2. Mizuno Wave Momentum 2 Mens Netball Shoes

mens netball shoes mizuno wave momentum

Introducing the Mizuno Wave Momentum 2, expertly crafted to deliver unparalleled stability and cushioning for hard court sports. Engineered with a Mizuno ENERZY core, it effectively absorbs harsh rebounds, ensuring smoother landings, and enabling explosive take-offs with ease. With its full-ground contact sole and side wall wrap, you can confidently make sudden, quick transitions on the court while experiencing the ideal support you need to bring your A-game every time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of shoes are best for netball?

When looking for the best netball shoes, look for the following key features:

  • Resilient soles built to endure multi-directional movements, rapid pivoting, hard changes of direction, and rough court surfaces.
  • Excellent grip to prevent sliding and slipping, providing maximum traction on the court.
  • A sturdy upper designed to withstand lateral movements and prevent the foot from sliding over the side of the shoe.
  • Superior cushioning to absorb the impact and forces generated by netball-specific movements, ensuring comfort and support throughout the game.
  • Investing in netball shoes with these essential qualities will elevate your performance and keep you at the top of your game, match after match.

Are running shoes OK for netball?

Each shoe is meticulously designed with a specific purpose in mind. It has been established that netball-specific shoes outshine running shoes when it comes to injury prevention and optimal performance, making it advisable for players to avoid wearing running shoes for this sport. Nevertheless, it is crucial to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of both netball shoes and running shoes in the context of training and performance.

Netball, being a high-impact sport, demands rapid acceleration and deceleration, abrupt and precise changes in direction, sudden stops, high-impact jumps, and constant balance and stability. As a consequence, netball players are exposed to a heightened risk of injury, particularly to their knees, ankles, and lower extremities.

How are netball shoes different?

Netball shoes are expertly engineered to tackle the rigorous side-to-side movements that players frequently execute on the court, offering stability and keeping the foot firmly planted. Their distinct outsole width and shape set them apart from running shoes, ensuring a midsole less susceptible to distortion. These specialized design elements work in harmony to enhance performance and reduce the risk of injury during intense netball play.

Can I wear tennis shoes for netball?

As mentioned above, Netball shoes are designed specifically for netball. As Netball is a high-impact sport that demands change in speed, direction with high-impact jumping, and constant balance and stability you need a shoe that will help limit injury particularly to their knees, ankles, and lower extremities. So we do not recommend wearing tennis shoes for netball, or any shoe other than a netball shoe.