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Netball World Cup 2023, Semi Final 2: Jamaica v Australia

The Australian Diamonds, widely recognized as one of the most accomplished sporting teams in history, have established themselves as the top-ranked netball team globally.

With a rich and illustrious history, their inaugural international netball encounter took place in 1938, pitting them against New Zealand.

Over the years, the Diamonds have clinched numerous championships, boasting an impressive record of 11 out of 13 World Championships, triumph at the 2015 Netball World Cup, a World Games title, and three Commonwealth Games gold medals.

Comprising a group of exceptional and devoted athletes, the team members have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of excellence in netball.

Beyond their status as world champions, the Diamonds embody the unwavering commitment, tenacity, and fortitude displayed by women in the realm of sports.

As the Diamonds continue to shine brightly, they serve as a source of inspiration for future generations of netball enthusiasts.

 About Diamonds Netball   

The Australian Diamonds have a rich history and have established themselves as one of the most successful netball teams in the world, with numerous championships and titles to their name.

Since their first international netball match in 1938, the Diamonds have dominated the sport, winning 11 out of 13 World Championships, the 2015 Netball World Cup, a World Games title, and three Commonwealth Games gold medals.

They have been trailblasers in the sport, setting the tone for future success.

The Diamonds are not just known for their accolades and trophies, but also for their dedication and commitment to the sport. They are seen as role models, inspiring young girls and women across the country.

The Diamonds’ history and success have played a significant role in the development and growth of netball worldwide. 

The Australian Netball Diamonds Squad 2023-2024

With an impressive lineup of talented players, the squad for 2023-2024 showcases a diverse range of skills and positions, ensuring a well-rounded team for the upcoming competitions.

The Origin Australian Diamonds squad consists of:

PlayerPositionsDiamond Number
Sunday AryangGD, GK, WD184
Kiera AustinGS, GA, WA180
Ruby Bakewell-DoranGD, GK188
Ash BrazillC, WD, Utility166
Courtney BruceGK, GD172
Sophie DwyerGS, GA187
Sophie GarbinGA, GS183
Matilda GarrettGD, GK
Paige HadleyWA, C, WD161
Sarah KlauGK, GD177
Cara KoenenGS, GA182
Kate MoloneyC, WD, WA174
Amy ParmenterWD, C185
Jamie-Lee PriceWD, C176
Maddy ProudC, WA, WD186
Donnell WallamGS189
Liz WatsonWA, C (CAPTAIN)168
Jo WestonGK, GD, WD167
Steph WoodGA170

The squad for 2023-2024 is a formidable group of athletes who are ready to compete at the highest level.

Netball World Cup 2023 Squad for Netball Australia 

Featuring a lineup of skilled and versatile players, the squad selected for the World Cup 2023 showcases a formidable team ready to compete at the highest level of international netball.

The Australian Diamonds have carefully chosen a group of players who have proven themselves on both domestic and international stages. With a combination of experienced veterans and emerging talents, the squad boasts a strong defensive unit led by the likes of Sunday Aryang, Courtney Bruce, and Sarah Klau.

In the midcourt, players like Paige Hadley and Liz Watson provide excellent playmaking abilities and leadership.

The shooting circle is anchored by Kiera Austin and Sophie Garbin, who have consistently displayed their scoring prowess.

Supported by a group of capable reserves, the Australian Diamonds are well-prepared and determined to showcase their skills and compete for the World Cup title.

The Team

The TeamPositions
Sunday AryangGD, GK, WD
Kiera AustinGS, GA, WA
Ash BrazillC, WD
Courtney BruceGK, GD
Sophie GarbinGA, GS
Paige HadleyWA, C, WD
Sarah KlauGK, GD
Cara KoenenGS, GA
Jamie-Lee PriceWD, C
Liz WatsonWA, C (CAPTAIN)
Jo WestonGK, GD, WD
Steph WoodGA
Ruby Bakewell-DoranGD, GK
Kate MoloneyC, WD, WA
Donnell WallamGS

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Australian Diamonds History

Dating back to 1938, the emergence of international netball marked a significant milestone in the sport’s history. The Australian Diamonds, being one of the most successful netball teams in the world, have played a crucial role in shaping the sport.

The Diamonds’ journey began with their victory against New Zealand in the world’s first international netball match. Since then, they have achieved remarkable success, winning numerous World Championships, Netball World Cups, and Commonwealth Games gold medals. Their dominance and skill have solidified their reputation as a formidable team.

The Diamonds’ contributions to the sport go beyond their achievements on the court. They serve as role models for aspiring netball players, inspiring generations of women to pursue excellence in the sport.

The Australian Diamonds’ history is intertwined with the history of netball itself, embodying the spirit and growth of the sport over the years.

Other netball series include the Constellation cup with is a netball tournament against New Zealand Silver ferns. 

Who is the Origin Australian Diamonds Head Coach? 

The Origin Australian Diamonds head coach is Stacey Marinkovich and recently re-signed until the end of 2027.