Top 10 Tallest Netball Players in the World 2023

England and Australian netball players in a huddle

In the world of netball, a select group of towering athletes have emerged as dominant forces on the court. These exceptional individuals, such as Tharjini Sivalingam, Jhaniele Flower, Caitlin Bassett, and Georgia Rowe, have redefined the boundaries of the sport with their extraordinary height, skill, and commanding presence.

In this article, we will explore the achievements and contributions of these towering netball stars, examining how their physical prowess has propelled their respective teams to new heights of success.


3JHANIELE  FLOWER1.98 mJamaica
4CAITLIN BASSETT1.96 mAustralia
5GEORGIA ROWE1.95 mWales
6EMMA BARRIE1.94Scotland
7GRACE NWEKE1.93 mNew Zealand
8IRENE VAN DYK1.93 mNew Zealand
9KELLY JURY1.92 mNew Zealand
10INE-MARÍ VENTER1.92 mSouth Africa

1. Tharjini Sivalingam – The Tallest Netball Player Ever

Tharjini Sivalingam, the retired Sri Lankan netball veteran, holds the distinction of being the tallest netball player ever with an impressive height of 2.06 meters. Known for her exceptional shooting skills and towering height, Sivalingam was a game changer on the court.

As the captain of the Sri Lankan national netball team, she led her team to numerous victories and showcased her dominance in the sport. However, with her retirement, the Sri Lankan national netball team faces the challenge of finding a new leader to fill the void left by Sivalingam.

Her departure will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the team dynamics and strategies. The search for a new leader will be crucial in maintaining the team’s competitive edge and continuing their success in international netball competitions.

2. Mary Cholhok Nuba – A Dominant Force on the Court

Mary Cholhok Nuba’s impressive height of 2.01 meters allows her to assert her dominance on the netball court. As a towering presence, she has made a significant impact on the international netball scene.

Playing for Loughborough Lightning, Nuba guided her team to a Netball Superleague championship victory, showcasing her physical presence and ability to dominate the game with her height.

The dominance of tall netball players, like Nuba, has had a profound influence on the game. Their height provides a distinct advantage in areas such as rebounding, shooting, and defending. Their ability to reach over opponents and control the game from above has revolutionized the sport.

Nuba’s impact on the international netball scene is a testament to the power and influence of these tall players in shaping the game of netball.

3. Jhaniele Flower – Virtually Unguardable Goal Shooter

Jhaniele Flower’s exceptional height of 1.98 meters makes her a formidable presence in the goal shooter position, posing a significant challenge for defenders. Her towering figure allows her to reach over defenders with ease, making her virtually unguardable in the shooting circle. Flower’s dominance in the goal shooter position has a profound impact on her team’s overall performance. Opposing teams often struggle to come up with effective strategies to defend against her. Her unguardable shooting skills create scoring opportunities and put immense pressure on the opposing defense. Flower’s ability to consistently score goals boosts her team’s confidence and demoralizes their opponents.

Defending against Flower’s dominance requires careful planning and execution. Strategies such as double-teaming, denying easy access to the ball, and disrupting her shooting rhythm have been employed by opposing teams. However, Flower’s exceptional height and shooting accuracy make her a difficult player to fully neutralize. Her unguardable shooting not only contributes to her team’s victories but also boosts their morale and confidence. Flower’s dominance in the shooting circle remains a constant challenge for defenders and a key factor in her team’s success.

4. Caitlin Bassett – Towering Presence and Exceptional Skills

Caitlin Bassett’s exceptional height and outstanding skills make her a formidable force in the goal shooting position. Standing at an impressive 1.96 meters, Bassett’s towering presence on the court poses a constant challenge to opposing defenses.

Her leadership qualities and team impact are undeniable, as she has not only represented Giants Netball and Australia, but also captained the Australian national netball team.

Bassett’s international achievements and records speak volumes about her talent and dedication. She holds the record for the most goals scored in international matches, surpassing the 4,000-goal mark. In addition, she has been a key contributor to Australia’s success in numerous tournaments, including Commonwealth Games and World Cups.

Bassett’s exceptional skills and contributions have solidified her status as one of the most influential netball players of her generation.

5. Georgia Rowe – Adding a Unique Dimension to the Team

Georgia Rowe’s height of 1.95 meters adds a distinct advantage to her team, providing a unique dimension that challenges opposing defenses. As a Welsh GA/GS player, Rowe’s towering presence on the court makes her an offensive threat. With 57 caps for Wales, she brings valuable experience and a constant challenge to opposing defenses. Rowe’s ability to shoot from a high release point and her reach in the goal circle make her a formidable scoring option. Additionally, her height also has a defensive impact, allowing her to disrupt passing lanes and contest rebounds. Rowe’s versatility and agility despite her height make her a valuable asset to any team. Her presence on the court demands attention and creates opportunities for her team to excel.