Australian Beach Netball

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Are you ready for a fun-filled day at the beach? Gather your friends and join in the excitement of Australian Beach Netball!

This unique sport combines the rules of netball and basketball, creating a fast-paced and exhilarating game. Dive for the ball, shoot for those goals, and feel the sand between your toes.

With divisions for all ages, register your team and get ready to showcase your skills on the sunny beaches of Australia. Let the games begin!

Event Format and Team Composition

Ensure that your team has a maximum of 2 males on the court for mixed teams. This is an important rule to follow in the event format and team composition of Australian Beach Netball.

The game is played in a round robin format, with the top half and bottom half of the competition playing off for the Gold and Silver divisions, respectively. The winners of each division go on to play in the Gold Medal Match, while the losers compete in the Bronze Match.

Each team should consist of 5 to 8 players, with a maximum of 2 males allowed on the court for mixed teams. Additionally, in mixed teams, one male must be positioned in the goal square.

Make sure to adhere to these guidelines to ensure fair and balanced gameplay.

Game Rules

Players can freely move and pass on the sand during the game. There are no set positions or thirds, so you’ve the freedom to go wherever you want on the court.

Diving on the ball is allowed, so don’t be afraid to go for those intense saves. Passing can be done from the sand or while standing, giving you flexibility in your gameplay.

Just remember, your team must cross the traverse line to be eligible to score. So make sure to communicate and work together to create scoring opportunities.

With the relaxed rules of beach netball, you’ve the chance to showcase your skills and have fun with your teammates. So get out there and enjoy the game on the sandy court!

Gameplay on the Sand

When playing on the sand, feel free to move and pass without any set positions or thirds, allowing you to showcase your skills and have fun with your teammates.

In Australian Beach Netball, there are no restrictions on where you can go on the court. This means you’ve the freedom to explore and create plays without being confined to a specific area. Whether you want to sprint down the sidelines or cut through the middle, the choice is yours.

Passing is also flexible, as you can do it from the sand or while standing. Diving on the ball is allowed, adding an exciting element to the game.


To score in this game, aim for the goal zone or the 3-pointer zone, where all players have the opportunity to shoot and only two players from the same team can be in the goal ring.

In Australian beach netball, scoring is simple yet strategic. By shooting from the goal zone, you can earn one point, while shooting from the 3-pointer zone will earn you three points.

It’s important to remember that every player on the court has the chance to shoot for goals, giving your team multiple opportunities to score. However, keep in mind that only two players from the same team can be in the goal ring at one time.


Event Information

Ensure your team selection includes players of all ages and genders, as mixed and female teams play together in this round robin tournament. It’s important to have a diverse team that represents different skill levels and experiences.

Remember, the top half of the competition will play off for the Gold Division, while the bottom half will compete for the Silver Division. Winners of each division will then advance to the Gold Medal Match or the Bronze Match.

Each team should consist of 5 to 8 players, with a maximum of 2 males on the court for mixed teams. Additionally, one male must be positioned in the goal square for mixed teams.

Team Outfits

Make sure your team’s uniforms reflect your team’s personality and stand out with bright colors.

Beach Netball is all about having fun with friends, so let your team’s outfit show off your team spirit.

Remember, no shoes are allowed on the court, but you can wear socks, soft peak hats, sun visors, and sunglasses.

Make sure all players within the team wear the same uniform, whether it’s shorts, tights, netball dresses, or a combination of them.

Just remember, no jewelry, watches, necklaces, or anything that may cause harm.

And don’t forget, shoes aren’t to be worn.


Don’t forget to report to the Registration Tent no later than 30 minutes prior to the first match. It’s important to be on time so you don’t miss out on any important information.

At the Registration Tent, you’ll find the schedule for the day and all the details you need to know about the matches. Make sure to take some time to go through the rules and understand how the game is played. This will help you and your team perform better on the sand.

Presentation & Prizes

When it comes to the Presentation & Prizes, don’t forget that medals will be awarded to each team member down to the 3rd place for Adult Mixed, Junior Mixed, and Mini Mixed. So make sure you give it your all during the competition and strive to be one of the top teams!

Winning a medal is a great accomplishment and a symbol of your hard work and dedication. Whether you’re participating in the Adult Mixed, Junior Mixed, or Mini Mixed category, there’s a chance for you to walk away with a medal.


So grab your friends, kick off your shoes, and get ready to have a blast at Australian Beach Netball!

With its unique combination of sports, fast-paced gameplay, and beautiful beach setting, this event is sure to be a day filled with excitement and fun.

Don’t miss your chance to showcase your skills and compete in this thrilling sport.

Register your team, come up with a catchy team name, and get ready to make some unforgettable memories on the sand.

Let the games begin!