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Are you curious about Fast5 Netball and how it differs from traditional Netball? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we’ll give you an in-depth understanding of the rules and regulations of Fast5 Netball. Approved by the International Netball Federation (INF), Fast5 Netball brings a new level of excitement and intensity to the court.

So, if you’re ready to dive into the unique variations and discover what sets Fast5 apart, let’s get started!

Court and Related Areas

When playing Fast5 Netball, you’ll notice that the court has an additional semicircle inside the goal circle called the ‘inner circle’ and an area between the inner circle and the edge of the goal circle called the ‘outer circle’.

The inner circle has a radius of 2.5 meters and is marked inside the goal circle, with its center at the mid-point of the outer edge of the goal line. This area is where the players can shoot for a goal and score points.

The outer circle, on the other hand, is the area between the inner circle and the edge of the goal circle. It serves as a boundary and provides additional space for the players to move around and strategize during the game.

These additional areas on the court add more excitement and opportunities for scoring in Fast5 Netball.

fast5 netball rules - court layout

Match Duration

You play four quarters of six minutes each, with a one-minute interval between the first-second and third-fourth quarters, and a three-minute half-time interval.

The match consists of a total of 24 minutes of playing time, divided into four equal quarters.

After the first and second quarters, there’s a one-minute break for teams to regroup and strategize. This short interval allows for a quick rest and allows coaches to provide any necessary instructions.

The half-time interval, on the other hand, is three minutes long, providing teams with a longer break to rest, hydrate, and make any necessary adjustments to their game plan. This longer break allows players to recharge and refocus for the second half of the match.

1st QuarterInterval2nd QuarterHalf Time3rd QuarterInterval1st Quarter
6 minutes1 minute6 minutes3 minutes6 minutes1 minute6 minutes
Match Length for Fast 5 Netball

Match Personnel

During the match, your team consists of up to ten players, with five playing positions in each team that are the same as in regular Netball: Goal Shooter (GS), Goal Attack (GA), Centre (C), Goal Defence (GD), and Goal Keeper (GK).

You and your teammates will work together to achieve victory on the court. As a Goal Shooter or Goal Attack, your main goal is to score goals by throwing or batting the ball through the ring from within the goal third.

The Centre will play a crucial role in facilitating the flow of the game, while the Goal Defence and Goal Keeper will focus on defending the opposing team’s attacks. Each player has a specific role and position to play, ensuring a balanced and strategic approach to the game.

With teamwork and skill, you can lead your team to success in Fast5 Netball.

Match Officials

The match officials, including the umpires and scorers, work together to ensure fair play and accurate recording of goal points throughout the game.

Umpires play a crucial role in enforcing the rules and maintaining order on the court. They make decisions on fouls, penalties, and infringements, and ensure that players adhere to the rules of the game. Umpires also control the timing of the match, including the start and end of each quarter and any necessary stoppages.

Scorers, on the other hand, have the important task of keeping track of the goal points scored by each team. They record the goals as they’re scored and communicate with the umpires to indicate when a team is using their power play quarter or when extra time is being played.

Together, the match officials ensure that the game is played fairly and that the goal points are accurately recorded.


If you commit a foul during play, the umpire will hold time and award a penalty pass to the non-infringing team. The penalty pass is taken where the infringer is standing, unless this puts the non-infringing team at a disadvantage. In that case, the penalty pass is awarded where the non-infringing player is standing.

It’s important to note that a team may not have more than five players on the court during play. If this happens, the umpire will hold time and require any additional player/s to leave the court. The sanction for this is a free pass, which is taken where the ball was when time was held.

Additionally, a team must have at least five players on the court at any time. If a team has fewer than five players on the court, the umpire will hold time and require a player to return immediately, and the sanction is a free pass where the ball was when time was held.

Scoring a Goal

Now let’s talk about scoring a goal in Fast5 Netball. As a player, your objective is to throw the ball through the goal ring. Once a ball has gone through the goal ring a goal is scored. In Fast5 netball, you can do this from any point within the goal third, including the goal circle.

The number of goal points you score depends on where the shot is taken. If you’re not in contact with the ground in the goal circle while shooting, you earn 3 goal points, which is called a super shot. If you’ve contact with the ground in the outer circle but not in the inner circle while shooting, you score 2 goal points. And if you’ve contact with the ground in the inner circle while shooting, you earn 1 goal point. 

During your team’s power play quarter, all goals score double goal points. So, aim carefully and make those shots count!

3 Pointsthe player had no contact with the ground in the goal circle
2 Pointsthe player had contact with the ground in the outer circle but no contact with the ground in the inner circle
1 Pointthe player had contact with the ground in the inner circle
Goal Scoring for Fast 5 Netball

Starting Play

To start play in Fast5 Netball, you take the initial centre pass as specified and all other centre passes are taken by the team that didn’t score the last goal.

It’s important to quickly establish a strong position on the court and communicate effectively with your teammates. As the team taking the centre pass, you’ve the opportunity to set the tone of the game and create scoring opportunities. Make sure to make accurate passes and be aware of the opposing team’s defensive strategies.

On the other hand, if your team didn’t score the last goal, be ready to defend and intercept the centre pass. Stay focused and work together to regain possession of the ball and create scoring chances for your team.

Wrap up: Fast 5 Netball Rules

As you can tell, Fast5 Netball Rules are slightly different to your standard netball rules. The changes have been made to keep the game moving fast and have an exciting edge. There are variations to the Fast 5 netball rules. These variations are made during indoor netball five a-side games. These games are usually at commercial indoor centres and are aimed at inclusion and fun opposed to the competitive nature. It is best to check your local indoor centre rules to confirm – most adapt a combination of both Fast 5 Netball Rules and Standard International Netball Rules. 

Fast 5 Netball involves 5 players on the court at one time. The positions are GK, GD, C, GA, GS making it a fast paced game. 

One of the biggest differences in Fast5 is a Goal Attack or Goal Shooter can shoot a goal outside the goal circle, gaining them double points (or triple if they are not in contact with the ground).