Netball Learning: The System, Benefits

Netball Learning - How to log into netball learning

Netball Learning, developed with the support of Sport Australia, is an educational platform aimed at providing training and mentorship opportunities for the Australian netball community.

With a user-friendly Learning Management System, learners can easily enroll, take courses, and monitor their achievements online.

Tailored courses cater to the specific needs of players, coaches, umpires, and bench officials, enabling individuals to take charge of their own learning journey.

Netball Learning offers a comprehensive range of courses and a platform to track and showcase accomplishments, enhancing the overall learning experience.

The Learning System: Revolutionising Netball Education

The implementation of the user-friendly Learning Management System in December 2021 has revolutionised netball education by providing a convenient and accessible platform for learners to sign up, take courses, and track achievements online.

This system, launched with the support of Sport Australia, utilises the latest technology to offer learners an easy way to enhance their netball skills and knowledge. The courses on the platform are tailored to each learner’s unique path based on their previous courses and accreditations.

Unlocking the Benefits of Netball Learning

Unlocking the potential of the educational platform allows learners to enhance their netball skills and knowledge. The Netball Learning system, launched with the support of Sport Australia, provides a convenient and accessible way for individuals involved in the netball community to improve their skills.

The user-friendly Learning Management System, implemented in December 2021, utilises the latest technology and offers a wide range of courses tailored to each learner’s unique path. Learners have the opportunity to take control of their own learning journey and track their achievements through the platform. The intuitive and mobile-responsive features enhance the overall learning experience.

Netball Learning not only benefits individuals by providing a platform for skill enhancement, but it also contributes to the growth and success of the netball community by empowering and supporting its workforce.

Harnessing the Power of Netball Learning: A Path to Success

Harnessing the power of the educational platform offers individuals in the netball community a clear path to success. Netball Learning, developed in partnership with Sport Australia and Netball Australia, provides a comprehensive and accessible learning experience for umpires, bench officials, players, and coaches.

The platform also allows learners to track and showcase their achievements, providing a platform for recognition. With its intuitive and mobile-responsive features, Netball Learning enhances the overall learning experience.

How to Log in

Accessing the Netball Learning Centre requires visiting the designated website at The website serves as a one-stop hub for netball education, providing an easy-to-use location for accessing courses and a streamlined platform for netball learning.

Netball Learning Login Details

The Netball Learning Centre offers more than 200 courses, developed in partnership with Sport Australia, and provides various learning formats, including e-learning, blended, and face-to-face courses.