Netball World Cup History

Netball World Cup 2023, Semi Final 2: Jamaica v Australia

In 1960, the significant netballing nations – Australia, England, New Zealand, South Africa, and the West Indies – convened to discuss the standardization of rules for what was then referred to as ‘women’s basketball.’

This pivotal gathering yielded two noteworthy outcomes: the establishment of the International Federation of Netball Associations and the inception of a quadrennial global competition known as the INF Netball World Cup.

The World Cup stands as the pinnacle of international competitive netball, representing the sport’s most coveted accolade. The inaugural tournament took place in Eastbourne, England, in 1963. Eleven teams participated, with Australia emerging as the victors after achieving an impressive 10-0 clean sweep.

Remarkably, the Australian Diamonds have secured 11 World Cup titles, including the triumph in Sydney in 2015. New Zealand and Trinidad and Tobago stand as the only other nations to have lifted the trophy, with a memorable three-way tie occurring in 1979.

The Netball World Cup has traversed the globe, spanning locations from Singapore and Scotland to Jamaica. Every four years, the world’s top 16 teams compete for the ultimate prize, progressing through round-robin preliminary stages and culminating in a series of intense knock-out finals.

This tournament has witnessed riveting drama, surprising upsets, celebrated victories, and heartrending losses. The Netball World Cup serves as the stage where legends are born and their stories are etched into the annals of the sport’s history.

Netball World Cup Previous Results

YearLocationChampionsRunners Up3rd Place
2023Cape Town, RSAAustraliaEnglandJamaica
2019Liverpool, ENGNew ZealandAustraliaEngland
2015Sydney, AUSAustraliaNew ZealandEngland
2011Singapore, SINAustraliaNew ZealandEngland
2007Auckland, NZLAustraliaNew ZealandJamaica
2003Kingston, JAMNew ZealandAustraliaJamaica
1999Christchurch, NZLAustraliaNew ZealandEngland
1995Birmingham, ENGAustraliaSouth AfricaNew Zealand
1991Sydney, AUSAustraliaNew ZealandJamaica
1987Glasgow, SCONew ZealandAustraliaTrinidad & Tobago
1983Singapore, SINAustraliaNew ZealandTrinidad & Tobago
1979Port-of-Spain, TTONew ZealandAustraliaTrinidad & Tobago
1975Auckland, NZLAustraliaEnglandNew Zealand
1971Kingston, JAMAustraliaNew ZealandEngland
1967Perth, AUSNew ZealandAustraliaSouth Africa
1963Eastbourne, ENGAustraliaNew ZealandEngland