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Netball Australia, PlayHQ and Netball Associations around the country have joined forces to provide a smooth process in registration and game management.

What is PlayHQ Netball

PlayHQ, a cloud-based platform that offers a simplified community sports experience for netball in Australia. Developed through a partnership between Netball Australia, PlayHQ, and Member Organisations, PlayHQ aims to deliver world-class experiences for participants while streamlining administrative processes.

The platform offers various features, including user guides, training resources, and a comprehensive FAQ section to assist participants and administrators. Notable benefits of PlayHQ include easy family account management, real-time fixture updates, access to competition ladders and match results, and a convenient registration and payment process.

With a user-friendly interface, intuitive design, and modern cloud technology, PlayHQ provides a faster and more reliable experience. It also offers efficient payment management, streamlined payment processing, and dedicated help and support for administrators.

Implemented nationwide in December 2021, PlayHQ has garnered positive feedback from associations that have piloted the system.

Login to PlayHQ

Participants and administrators can access PlayHQ by logging in. This allows them to take advantage of the simplified community sports experience provided by the partnership between Netball Australia, PlayHQ, and Member Organisations.

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About PlayHQ

The PlayHQ platform has been implemented nationwide, providing a simplified and streamlined sports experience for netball enthusiasts. Developed through a partnership between Netball Australia, PlayHQ, and Member Organisations, PlayHQ aims to make participation in community netball easier and more accessible.

PlayHQ is a cloud-based platform that aims to deliver world-class experiences for participants while saving time for sporting administrators. It is a collaborative effort between Netball Australia, PlayHQ, and Member Organisations to provide a seamless and efficient platform for community netball.

Associations, clubs, and Woolworths NetSetGO centres in various Australian regions are part of PlayHQ. As community netball grows, PlayHQ continues to develop and improve, ensuring a streamlined and user-friendly experience for all participants and administrators.

PlayHQ offers a user-friendly interface with an intuitive and simple design, collaboratively developed with administrators. It is mobile-friendly and accessible on various devices, ensuring a faster and more reliable experience with modern cloud technology.

The platform also offers efficient payment management through integrated payment processing during registration, reducing administrative workload and providing dedicated help and support for administrators. With PlayHQ, netball players and parents can enjoy a simplified experience, easy account management, real-time updates, and access to competition ladders and match results.

Play HQ Netball Website

PlayHQ User Guides

User guides are available on Netball Australia’s website, providing information and resources to help users navigate and understand the system.

These guides offer valuable insights into the various features and functionalities of PlayHQ, allowing participants and administrators to make the most of their experience.

Checklists for Getting Started

New Organisations

A comprehensive, step-by-step checklist tailored for newly-established organisations that are in the process of setting up on PlayHQ.

New Administrators

A detailed, step-by-step checklist designed for administrators who are new to existing PlayHQ organisations. This ensures preparedness for the upcoming season.

User Guides for PlayHQ

Ready to Register – Association

A comprehensive guide created specifically for Association administrators. This guide covers the setup of competitions, registrations, and team management within the PlayHQ platform.

Ready to Register – Club

An informative guide catered to club administrators. Learn how to effectively set up registrations and manage teams within PlayHQ.

Ready to Play – Association

A guide focused on assisting Associations in efficiently managing teams, handling fixturing, re-grading, and utilising Game Day features. This includes inputting scores, printing scorecards, and effectively managing ladders.

By utilising these guides, users can enhance their understanding of PlayHQ and maximise their enjoyment of the platform.

Whether it’s learning about registration processes, fixture updates, or payment management, the user guides offer a valuable resource for all users of PlayHQ.

Why PlayHQ

One significant advantage of utilising the PlayHQ platform is its cloud-based nature, which allows for the delivery of world-class experiences and simplifies the sports participation process for individuals involved in community netball.

By being cloud based, PlayHQ ensures that participants have access to their accounts and information from any device with an internet connection. This means that they can easily register for netball opportunities, manage their family accounts, receive real-time fixture updates, and access competition ladders and match results, all from the convenience of their mobile devices.

Additionally, the cloud technology used by PlayHQ provides a faster and more reliable experience, ensuring that participants can seamlessly navigate the platform and access the information they need.


PlayHQ Registration Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How can I register on PlayHQ?
To enroll in a competition, all participants, including non-players, must establish a PlayHQ account. Once your account is set up and verified, you can access it using your email address and chosen password.

2. What is the registration process for non-players?
Non-players also need to complete their registration on PlayHQ. Each Member Organisation (MO) may have specific requirements. If you’re a non-player looking to register, please contact your Club or Association for guidance.

3. Can government vouchers like KidSport or Active Kids be used as payment?
Certainly, government vouchers can be applied during the checkout process for registration fees.

4. Are there any additional charges for online payments?
No, any transaction-related costs are already factored into the fees displayed on PlayHQ during the registration process.

5. How can I request a refund?
Refund policies differ based on the MO, Association, or Club you’re affiliated with. For information about refunds, please reach out to your Club directly.

6. Can I make a direct bank transfer to my club or association instead of using a credit card?
Currently, all registration payments are processed online. However, PlayHQ is actively exploring alternative payment options, including online installment payments.

7. If a player participates in two teams within the same competition, do they need to pay twice?
No, a player is not required to make double payments if they’re part of multiple teams within the same competition. A single online registration covers their participation.

8. Will a player be charged twice for joining two teams in the same competition?
No, the applicable National and State registration fees are only charged once annually. In cases where a competition fee is involved and a player joins two teams, the Association or Club can provide a voucher to waive the second fee if necessary.

9. If a player takes part in two different competitions within the year, are fees payable twice?
Players are responsible for the relevant Association and/or Club fees for each competition. State registration fees are applicable only if your existing State registration doesn’t cover the entire duration of the competition you’re entering.

10. Do I need separate logins for each of my children?
No, you can add family members or dependents to your personal PlayHQ profile. This allows you to register them for competitions or local programs using a single set of login credentials.