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best netball umpire whistle - professional choice acme netball whistle - nickel long lasting netball whistle

Looking for the best netball umpire whistle? You can not go past the ACME Thunder Whistle. It is a professional fan favourite and will last the test of time.

I was recently asked what I thought the best netball umpire whistle was and my response was EASY. You can not go past the ACME Thunderer 58.5 Finger Whistle. It is crafted from durable solid brass and meticulously hand-polished. This whistle exudes quality.

What sets the ACME Thunderer 58.5 apart is its impressive power and medium pitch, boasting a sound level of 115dBA. This level of sonic punch ensures that your signals won’t go unnoticed, making it perfect for situations where clarity and authority are essential.

The added bonus of a fully adjustable cushioned brass fingergrip enhances the whistle’s ergonomic design. It not only fits comfortably in your hand but also allows you to fine-tune it to your liking, ensuring a secure and personalised grip.

It’s no surprise that this whistle is the top choice among elite umpires. Its combination of craftsmanship, power, and adjustability make it a standout tool in the world of officiating.

MaterialSolid brass
Finish Options– Polished Brass
– Rose Gold
– Gold Plated
– Plus two additional finishes
Sound Level115dBA
GripFully adjustable cushioned brass fingergrip
Trusted byProfessional Netball Umpires, AFL Umpires
Additional Accessories– Two durable rubber finger cushions
– Tapered mouthpiece design
Cork BallEmits a highly audible trill for attention
Waterproof Speed PeaMaintains intensity even when wet with saliva
Wind ResistantEasily heard in strong winds due to fluctuating frequencies
PresentationComes in a beautiful fully lined display box (Rose Gold, Gold Plated, Polished Brass models)
OriginMade in the UK with 130 years of whistle-making experience
Adjustable FingergripOriginal design by Acme for ease of use and precision

If you’re serious about your whistle, the ACME Thunderer 58.5 Finger Whistle is the way to go.

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  • best netball umpire whistle - professional choice acme netball whistle - nickel long lasting netball whistle
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