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Cheap foldable rebound net for sporting practice - kmart netball accessories, kmart netball queipment

Netball Goal Post Kmart – $69 : Cheap adjustable netball post / ring

kmart netball accessories, kmart netball queipment KMart netball goal post

Elevate your child’s netball skills right in your own backyard with this convenient and portable netball stand. Watch as they fine-tune their shooting abilities from the comfort of home. Assembling this netball stand is a breeze, and its added wheels ensure that you can effortlessly move it around until you discover the perfect spot.

Product Highlights: This netball stand package includes the stand itself, complete with a sturdy ring and net to get your child started on their practice sessions.


  • Rim Diameter: 38cm
  • Box Dimensions: 19cm (L) x 108cm (H) x 69.5cm (W)
  • Materials: Crafted from a blend of durable Polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), and sturdy steel components.

Impressive Features:

  • Height Flexibility: The netball stand can be adjusted in height, ranging from 190cm to 304cm, ensuring it grows alongside your child’s skills and height.
  • Enhanced Stability: Equipped with a spacious molded base, this stand remains steady during play. Plus, its wheels allow you to conveniently relocate it.
  • Secure Foundation: For optimal stability, the base can be filled with water or sand, providing a solid foundation for your child’s energetic practice sessions.
  • Simple Assembly: Putting together this netball stand is a hassle-free process, getting your child onto the court in no time.

Bring the excitement of netball practice to your own backyard with this versatile netball stand. It’s a fantastic way to encourage physical activity and skill-building in a fun and accessible manner. Get ready to witness your child’s shooting prowess improve as they enjoy hours of playtime right at home.

Gilbert Blaze Netballs : Reliable Netball Training Balls

kmart netball accessories, kmart netball queipment KMart netball ball
Image source: Kmart Australia

Enhance your netball abilities, perfect your goal-shooting precision, and refine your technique using the Size 5 Gilbert Blaze ball. This exceptional and top-tier ball is your ticket to mastering the art of netball.

Product Insight: The package features a single Gilbert Blaze ball, designed to meet the demands of netball enthusiasts and players seeking to elevate their game.


  • Size: 5

With this advanced ball in hand, you’re empowered to take your netball performance to new heights. Its quality construction and thoughtful design make it a pivotal tool for anyone aiming to excel in the sport.

Kmart Foldable Rebound Net

Cheap foldable rebound net for sporting practice - kmart netball accessories, kmart netball queipment
Image Source: Kmart Australia

Elevate your sports prowess and enhance your ball control skills using this ingenious foldable rebound net, designed to propel your game to new heights.

Product Overview: This dynamic package encompasses a foldable rebound net, engineered to bolster your soccer abilities and refine your control over the ball.


  • Dimensions: 84cm (L) x 73cm (H) x 68cm (D)
  • Materials: Crafted from a combination of robust steel, versatile polypropylene (PP), and resilient polyethylene (PE).

Key Features:

  • Foldable Design: The rebound net’s ingenious foldable structure adds convenience to its functionality. It’s a space-saving solution that accommodates both practice and storage needs.
  • Adjustable Angle: Tailor your training experience with the net’s adjustable angle feature, enabling you to customize the rebound trajectory according to your skill goals.

Additional Insights:

  • Comprehensive Guide: A detailed instruction manual accompanies the product, providing clear guidance on assembly and usage.
  • Safety Precaution: It’s important to note that the assembly and disassembly of the product should always be conducted under adult supervision. Follow usage instructions meticulously to ensure a safe and effective training experience.

With this cheap foldable rebound net, you’re equipped to embark on a journey of skill refinement and soccer mastery. As you hone your ball control abilities, you’ll find yourself reaching new levels of expertise and enjoying an elevated soccer experience.

Kmart Netball Bibs for Match Day and Training 

Kmart do not currently sell Netball Bibs. We have compiled a list of the best netball bibs for junior and senior netballers, including training and match day position patches. 

Cheap Sports Whistle from Kmart

cheap kmart whistle for sport

Employ this whistle to capture the focus of all participants during team games and sports engagements. Equipped with a lanyard, you can comfortably wear it around your neck, ensuring its secure placement and minimising the risk of misplacement.

Product Insight:

Material: The whistle is crafted from nickle-plated brass, while the lanyard is composed of durable polyester. Color: The whistle boasts a sleek silver hue.

Ensure seamless communication and coordination on the field with this dependable whistle. Its accompanying lanyard not only keeps it within easy reach but also adds a practical touch to your sports gear ensemble.

Cheap Netball Equipment 

Kmart’s Netball Range is slowly growing with new and exciting accessories available. They are yet to reach out into high quality netball shoes, training bibs or good quality match balls. In saying that, they have a wide range of cheap netball accessories including netball goal rings, ball bags for coaching, and a nice range of equipment you can use for training. 

If you are looking for equipment for netball that is the highest quality or for competitive matches, the cheap netball range might not be the best idea. They are perfect for getting started and casual training sessions.