Mens Netball in Australia

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Netball – Not Just For Females

Men’s netball stands as a thrilling and dynamic sport, demanding participants to showcase speed, agility, and coordination for successful performance.

Characterised by its high velocity, men’s netball places a premium on athletes’ physical strength and stamina, prerequisites for engaging in a demanding and skill-intensive sport. The potential for a mere few interceptions to pivot the course of a match emphasises the sport’s gripping nature.

A shift in perspective and a revision of regulations have culminated in the categorisation of Netball as a semi-contact sport. In the domain of Men’s netball, each possession of the ball is fervently contested, often accompanied by a robust physical dimension, amplifying the spectacle on display.

The Australian Kelpies Men’s Trans Tasman Netball Team 2023

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Is there a men’s netball team in Australia?

Aussie Kelpies, Australian Mens Netball Team is called the Aussie Kelpies.

Yes there is an Australian Men’s Netball team.
They have recently been named the Australian Kelpies and are taking part in the Constellation Cup / Trans Tasman Cup Netball competition.
Check them out on instagram at @aussiekelpies

Are there any male netball teams?

Yes there are multiple Mens Netball teams in various competitions around Australia. Check out NSW Men’s Competition.

How many men play netball in Australia?

Statistics gathered from the most recent sports survey conducted by the Australian Sports Commission reveal that approximately 115,400 males participated in netball during the year 2022. This figure marks a notable increase from the 64,300 reported in the year 2020.

Who is coaching the Men’s Netball Team?

The current head coach for the men’s netball team is Nerida Stewart.