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Welcome to the exhilarating world of the Suncorp Super Netball League, where precision, athleticism, and teamwork converge to create a spectacle of elite netball competition.

Suncorp Super Netball is the heart of Australian elite netball and showcases the finest netball talent on Australian shores and beyond. From its inception, the league has been a beacon of excellence, consistently delivering world-class matches that captivate fans and inspire the next generation of netball enthusiasts.

Meet the Suncorp Super Netball League netball teams.

Adelaide Thunderbirds


The Adelaide Thunderbirds are a club with a strong legacy of achievements, boasting five premierships since their establishment in 1997.

In 2023, the Thunderbirds left a significant imprint by clinching the Suncorp Super Netball championship in an overtime thriller.

Year Established1997
Premierships1998; 1999; 2010; 2013; 2023
Home StadiumsNetball SA Stadium and Adelaide Entertainment Centre
Official ColoursPink, Black, White and Silver

2023 Final Placing: Premiers

2024 Squad: TBC

Coach: Tania Obst

Assistant Coach: Cathy Fellows

Giants Netball


With Julie Fitzgerald at the helm as the longest-serving coach in Suncorp Super Netball, the GIANTS have assembled a roster featuring both homegrown talent and international stars.

In 2024, the GIANTS are set to inspire enthusiasm among their dedicated orange army as they hit the court. Their track record includes playoff appearances in 2017, 2018, 2021, and 2022, showcasing their expertise in reaching the crucial stages of the season.

Year Established2017
Home StadiumsKen Rosewall Arena
Official ColoursOrange, Charcoal, Blue and White

2023 Final Placing: 6th

2024 Squad: TBC (After September 30)

Coach: Julie Fitzgerald (contracted through 2025)

Assistant Coach: TBC

Melbourne Mavericks – New Netball Team for 2024 season


As newcomers to the scene, the Melbourne Mavericks are poised to bring a fresh perspective. They are determined to push boundaries.

Under the leadership of the highly decorated head coach, Tracey Neville, the Mavericks epitomise the “ultimate Mav” ethos: strong, fearless, and trailblazing.

The Mavericks aren’t content with merely being present; they have their sights set on challenging the competition in the 2024 season and making a resounding impact in the world’s premier domestic netball league. What lies within their capabilities? Only time will reveal the answer.

Year Established2024
Home StadiumsTBC
Official ColoursTBC

2024 Squad: TBC

Coach: Tracey Neville

Assistant Coach: Not yet disclosed

Melbourne Vixens


The Melbourne Vixens, representing Netball Victoria in the Suncorp Super Netball League, take great pride in their identity as a resilient club with an illustrious history of achievements.

Established in 2008 through the merger of the Melbourne Phoenix and Melbourne Kestrels netball clubs, the Vixens secured championship titles in 2009 and 2014 during their tenure in the former national league.

In the Suncorp Super Netball, the Vixens clinched their inaugural championship in 2020 but faced a challenging season the following year, finishing in last place.

However, their struggles were short-lived, as they claimed the minor premiership in 2022, showcasing their remarkable talent and setting the stage for another strong performance in 2023.

Year Established2008
Premierships2009; 2014; 2020
Home StadiumsJohn Cain Arena
Official ColoursJade, Crimson and Navy

2023 Final Placing: 4th

Outgoing Players: Rahni Samason (transferred to Robinhood Stars, ANZ Championship), Liz Watson (destination unconfirmed)

2024 Squad: TBC

Coach: Not yet disclosed

Assistant Coach: Not yet disclosed

NSW Swifts


As one of the most prominent names in club netball worldwide, the NSW Swifts have a proud and enduring legacy in Australian sports, maintaining their elite status for over two decades.

Originating as a foundational member of Australia’s initial national netball league, the Swifts secured four championships before the introduction of the trans-Tasman league in 2008.

Following this transition, the club triumphed in the inaugural ANZ Championship.

Over nine seasons in the trans-Tasman league, the Swifts consistently upheld their commitment to excellence, culminating in back-to-back grand final appearances during the league’s final two years.

In a remarkable underdog victory in 2019, the NSW Swifts clinched their first-ever Suncorp Super Netball premiership, a feat they repeated in 2021.

With a well-rounded and deep squad, the Swifts are brimming with enthusiasm and determination as they prepare for the challenges of the 2023 season.

Year Established1997
Premierships2001; 2004; 2006; 2007; 2008; 2019; 2021
Home StadiumsKen Rosewall Arena
Official ColoursRed, Blue and White
Head Coach Briony Akle

2023 Final Placing: Runners-up (and minor premiers)

Incoming Players: TBC

Outgoing Players: Tayla Fraser (destination unknown), Kelea Iongi (training partner) – Transferred to Te Wānanga o Raukawa Pulse, ANZ Championship

2024 Squad:

Coach: Briony Akle (contracted through 2026)

Assistant Coach: Natalie Avellino

Queensland Firebirds


The Queensland Firebirds hold a remarkable track record as one of Australia’s most successful elite netball squads, securing three championship titles and making multiple appearances in grand finals.

Renowned for their innovation, determination, and exhilarating style of play, the Firebirds are ready to establish their presence in the competitive arena of the Suncorp Super Netball league.

Year Established1997
Premierships 2011; 2015; 2016
Home StadiumsNissan Arena
Official ColoursPurple and Platinum

2023 Final Placing: 7th

Incoming Players:

Outgoing Players: Gabi Simpson (not offered a 2024 contract)

2024 Squad: TBC

Coach: Bec Bulley (contracted through 2026)

Assistant Coach: Not yet disclosed

Sunshine Coast Lightning


Established in 2016, the Sunshine Coast Lightning shares ownership with the NRL Club, Melbourne Storm.

Their triumphant journey to becoming the inaugural Suncorp Super Netball champions in 2017 was the result of a harmonious blend of a sports-centric community, a renowned academic institution specializing in elite sports performance, and one of Australia’s premier professional sports organizations.

With consecutive premiership victories in 2018 and a third consecutive grand final appearance in 2019, the Lightning soared to great heights.

Though their recent years haven’t matched those heights, the Lightning is now experiencing a resurgence, propelled by their impressive talent spanning every aspect of their team.

Year Established 2017
Premierships 2017; 2018
Home StadiumsUniSC Arena
Official ColoursYellow, Navy and Purple

2023 Final Placing: 5th

Incoming Players: TBC

Outgoing Players: Karla Pretorius (opted out of the 2024 season)

2024 Squad: TBC

Coach: Belinda Reynolds (signed a two-year contract through 2024)

Assistant Coach: Jenny Brazel

West Coast Fever


In 2022, West Coast Fever made a significant mark in the Suncorp Super Netball League by securing their inaugural championship.

Having come agonisingly close in two previous grand finals in 2018 and 2020, the West Coast team rebounded emphatically and remains a dominant force in the Suncorp Super Netball competition, featuring considerable firepower and a deep roster.

Year Established 1997
Premierships 2022
Home Stadiums RAC Arena
Official Colours Green and Black

2023 Final Placing: 3rd

Incoming Players:

Outgoing Players: Courtney Bruce (destination unconfirmed), Sasha Glasgow (destination unconfirmed)

2024 Squad: TBC

Coach: Dan Ryan (contracted through 2026),

Assistant Coach: Sara Francis-Bayman

2023 Suncorp Super Netball Statistics


1Jhaniele FowlerWest Coast Fever1516.5
2Helen HousbyNSW Swifts1480
3Shamera SterlingAdelaide Thunderbirds1472
4Maddy ProudNSW Swifts1391
5Alice Teague-NeeldWest Coast Fever1365.5
2023 Suncorp Super Netball Statistics – Nissan Net Points
(* per Suncorp Super Netball)


1Romelda Aiken-GeorgeNSW Swifts83
2Donnell WallamQueensland Firebirds42
3Mwai KumwendaMelbourne Vixens41
4Shimona NelsonCollingwood Magpies38
5Jhaniele FowlerWest Coast Fever37
2023 Suncorp Super Netball Statistics – Offensive Rebounds
(* per Suncorp Super Netball)


1Courtney BruceWest Coast Fever39
2Shamera SterlingAdelaide Thunderbirds38
3Kadie-Ann DehaneySunshine Coast Lightning23
4Remi KamoQueensland Firebirds23
5Sarah KlauNSW Swifts22
2023 Suncorp Super Netball Statistics – Defensive Rebounds
(* per Suncorp Super Netball)


1Alice Teague-NeeldWest Coast Fever388
2Liz WatsonMelbourne Vixens341
3Maddy ProudNSW Swifts317
4Georgie HorjusAdelaide Thunderbirds271
5Kelsey BrowneCollingwood Magpies262
2023 Suncorp Super Netball Statistics – Goal Assists
(* per Suncorp Super Netball)


1Alice Teague-NeeldWest Coast Fever433
2Paige HadleyNSW Swifts345
3Kelsey BrowneCollingwood Magpies329
4Kiera AustinMelbourne Vixens323
5Georgie HorjusAdelaide Thunderbirds305
2023 Suncorp Super Netball Statistics – Centre Pass Receives
(* per Suncorp Super Netball)


1Jhaniele FowlerWest Coast Fever872
2Donnell WallamQueensland Firebirds669
3Shimona NelsonCollingwood Magpies618
4Mwai KumwendaMelbourne Vixens585
5Romelda Aiken-GeorgeNSW Swifts557
2023 Suncorp Super Netball Statistics – Goals
(* per Suncorp Super Netball)


1Jhaniele FowlerWest Coast Fever906
2Donnell WallamQueensland Firebirds772
3Romelda Aiken-GeorgeNSW Swifts660
4Mwai KumwendaMelbourne Vixens652
5Shimona NelsonCollingwood Magpies648
2023 Suncorp Super Netball Statistics – Goal Attempts
(* per Suncorp Super Netball)


1Shamera SterlingAdelaide Thunderbirds118
2Courtney BruceWest Coast Fever103
3Sarah KlauNSW Swifts100
4Latanya WilsonAdelaide Thunderbirds70
5Geva MentorCollingwood Magpies68
2023 Suncorp Super Netball Statistics – Deflections
(* per Suncorp Super Netball)


1Shamera SterlingAdelaide Thunderbirds46
2Jodi-Ann WardCollingwood Magpies40
3Courtney BruceWest Coast Fever35
4Latanya WilsonAdelaide Thunderbirds30
5Ruby Bakewell-DoranQueensland Firebirds30
2023 Suncorp Super Netball Statistics – Intercepts
(* per Suncorp Super Netball)


RankPlayerTeamSuper Shots
1Helen HousbyNSW Swifts97
2Sasha GlasgowWest Coast Fever74
3Sophie DwyerGIANTS Netball67
4Eleanor CardwellAdelaide Thunderbirds61
5Steph WoodSunshine Coast Lightning54
2023 Suncorp Super Netball Statistics – Super Shots
(* per Suncorp Super Netball)


RankPlayerTeamSuper Shot Attempts
1Helen HousbyNSW Swifts146
2Sasha GlasgowWest Coast Fever117
3Sophie DwyerGIANTS Netball108
4Donnell WallamQueensland Firebirds104
5Steph WoodSunshine Coast Lightning97
2023 Suncorp Super Netball Statistics – Super Shot Attempts
(* per Suncorp Super Netball)